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Your website journey explained. All you need to know.

  • What is iDentalFocus?
    iDentalFocus is the market leader in award-winning personal websites for dentists. The initial homepage design, look and feel is an express services designed individually just for you. The average iDentalFocus website is usually fully developed and launched in just 30 days. However, the process can take longer if we are waiting for clients to proof or provide content. Brought to you by the Dental Focus team who are the UK's market leaders in award-winning dental websites. We believe in creating more freedom for dentists. And that's why we created our innovative monthly subscription service from just £197 per month (including vat) to allow every dentist to afford their own personal, bespoke website. Get started today!
  • Is iDentalFocus for individuals or practices?
    iDentalFocus is for individuals. Dentists, not practices because 'people buy people, not practices'. Ideal for principals, associates, hygienists, therapists and specialists. It's time to be uniquely you and not just a number in the practice. If you want a practice website, visit Dental Focus at
  • How much does a new iDentalFocus website cost?
    A subscription to iDentalFocus starts at just £197 per month for you to have your own stunning personal website. No hidden setup fees or other costs!
  • I'm a dentist, why do I need a personal website?"
    To attract more new private patients because people buy people. Only dentists buy practices! Remember, all roads lead to Rome and Rome is your website. Word-of-mouth is followed by a Google search. Can you find yourself when you search for your name? Instagram only gives 1 link, where does your link go? It's time you stood out instead of being a number. If you're an associate dentist or locum looking to secure that next job, give yourself the best chance for success by having your own personal lite website. Recruitment specialists Blue Sky People highly recommend that dentist candidates have their own personal brand and website because this is exactly what forward thinking principals want to see. Also, accountants4dentists state it's important for the 'self-employment' status with HMRC!
  • I'm an associate dentist, will I get a return on investment?"
    Domingos Mamede is an associate dentist working for {My}Dentist and Bupa and he believes, "Every dentist or associate like myself should have their own website to attract more private patients." Imagine if you saw 80+ patients a week and showed them your stunning beautiful website. Presh Mulay did just that and attracted £15,000 worth of extra income within 3 months of launching his website.
  • I'm a principal, can I use iDentalFocus?"
    Yes. In fact, many principal dentists choose to have a personal website to help patients get to know them better and to stand out! Also, forward thinking principals are now getting personal websites for their associate dentists, hygienists, therapists and specialists because they understand that 'people buy people' and it's more important for patients to see their clinician as 'the expert'.
  • What do I have to do?
    As much or as little as you like! The best websites are the most personal, so the more content and imagery you provide our designers the more likely you will end up with a site you absolutely love. Once you've given us your details, we'll take care of all the hard work so you can focus on doing the dentistry you love. As soon as you get started, we give you clear guidelines on what to send us!
  • Who owns the website?
    The website design and licensed content belongs to iDentalFocus. Anything you provide, such as your logo, before and after images, and images of yourself still belong to you.
  • How long do I have to subscribe for?
    There is a 12 month minimum contract with all iDentalFocus subscriptions.
  • Is there anyone I can speak to?
    Yes. The iDentalFocus team are on hand to answer any questions you have. Visit the Contact page to find out more. Once you get started, you'll be invited to book your 'Welcome Call' via online booking!
  • Who owns the domain?
    If you already have a domain you wish to use, when we go live with your new iDentalFocus website, we will transfer your domain name to our account to take care of renewals and website hosting for you. This means you won't need to pay someone else for your domain - it will be included within your iDentalFocus subscription. If you require a new domain, we will purchase one for you as part of your iDentalFocus subscription. For either option, you will own the domain name. You are not tied in.
  • How long does the iDentalFocus website take to design?
    The iDentalFocus website is usually designed and developed in the first month if branding and content are already provided from the start. Some clients launch after the first month and some clients take longer depending on their individual branding/content needs and response times.

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